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Degasser Repair Services Available :


    We provide repair services for many of the Agilent and HP model G1322A, G1379A, G1379B and G4225A HPLC stand-alone degasser modules plus the integrated degassers found in the newer 1260 and 1290-series pumps (e.g. G1311B, G1311C, G1312B, G1312C, G4204A and G4220A & B).  These modules most commonly fail after five years of use. RED LED ON = serious error and the system has failed. Yellow light continuously on = failed to meet specification and will completely fail soon. In both cases, the degasser is no longer working and 'out-of-compliance'. It should be repaired.

    New units cost over $4,600 each so it is well worth having them repaired. A full cleaning plus replacement of the most commonly found broken degassing module parts with new, refurbished or optionally higher quality aftermarket parts to meet most budgets are offered. We can also customize and upgrade the degassing module's performance using the latest technology smaller volume vacuum chambers to reduce delay volume, flushing and solvent change-over times without decreasing vacuum degassing capacity. The diagnosis, repair and testing are all done in our shop by experienced professionals with more than 20 years of experience.


    We also service and provide repair parts for the standalone and integrated degassers found in the Waters Alliance and Acquity brand HPLC and UPLC systems (e.g. 1525, 2690, 2695, 2790, 2795, Acuity UPLC, nano Acquity). New degasser vacuum pumps, vacuum chamber upgrades and related parts are available at greatly reduced prices (e.g. 700001218, 700001352 and 700003753). We can repair and service most of these systems for less than half the price charged by others. Same or better quality parts are used and we perform the repair work in-house which saves you money and time. Lowest prices for replacement Waters Vacuum Degasser Pumps (e.g. 700001352, 9000-1022, 9000-1023, 9000-1295, 9000-1471).

    • Professional Diagnostic Testing of your Degassing Module

    • Repair, Cleaning and/or Replacement of Defective Parts

    • We Can Actually Repair Them vs Just Replacing Expensive Modules

    • Optional Replacement of 12 ml Vacuum Chambers with 0.5 ml Chambers

    • Low Cost REPAIR of leaking or damaged 4-Channel Vacuum Chambers for G1322A
    • Optional High Performance Vacuum Pump & Chamber Upgrades

    • Complete Retrofit Upgrades with Better Performance for the HP/Agilent G1322A & most Waters brand systems

    • Option for Professionally Refurbished or New Parts to Save You Money

    • Lowest Prices, Highest Quality & FAST Repair Turnaround Times.

When you send your Agilent, HP or Waters brand HPLC degassing module to Chiralizer Services, we will spend several hours evaluating and testing your degasser to correctly diagnose which part(s) of your degasser require cleaning, repair and/or replacement. We do charge a nominal diagnostic fee to evaluate and test your degasser, but you retain control over the decision to have it repaired or not. After a formal diagnosis is made, we will then send you one or more repair quotations. Please do not ask us to provide a quote to repair your degasser until AFTER we have run a full diagnostic service on the module. There is no way that we can provide a repair quote until after we have evaluated the instrument in our shop. This process save you thousands of dollars and insures that your degasser is repaired correctly and quickly the first time. Anyone who provides you with a repair quote before they have spent a few hours testing the system is probably overcharging or scamming you.

To have your degasser properly tested and diagnosed, please give us a call or better yet, send us an email to discuss your needs and we can forward you a diagnostic quote with shipping return instructions. Note: For the fastest response, please send us an email which includes your full name, company name, full address, phone #, Degasser Model #, Degasser Serial Number and problem observed. We will respond within 24 hours.

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