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In 2018, we celebrate our company's 25th anniversary !

Chiralizer™ Services, L.L.C. was founded by an analytical scientist, William Letter, in 1993 to provide innovative solutions to  the problems of analytical chemists in the pharmaceutical research industry. Chiralizer™ Services is a Department of Defense (CCR) listed contractor and currently offers the following products and services :

  • A unique line of proprietary HPLC, UHPLC and LC-MS automation products.
  • Expert Chiral HPLC / SFC Method Development Advice in :
    • analytical % e.e. determination
    • racemic chiral HPLC & SFC method development
  • Agilent Technologies / Hewlett-Packard brand analytical HPLC and LC-MS:
    • instrument installation
    • instrument performance verification and qualification (IQ, OQ, PV)
    • instrument operation, repair, maintenance and services classes
    • Advanced ChemStation operation training classes
    • Expert training in the use of the HP 1090, 1050, 1100, 1200, 1260 and 1290-Series HPLCs
  • A number of areas of consulting, including :
    • General HPLC, UHPLC and LC-MS consulting, including the set up of new labs, the improvement of existing operations and assistance with complex separation, method development or instrumentation problems - regardless of equipment manufacturer.
    • Diverse customized training classes for individuals or groups in a number of diverse analytical areas, including chiral method development, automated method development, development of robotic and high throughput systems, correct use and optimization of Evaporative Light Scattering Detectors (ELSD), instrument performance verification, polymer characterization, MW determination, peptide and protein resolution and data station operation to name a few.
  • New and Reconditioned HPLC Instruments and Computers :
    • HPLC modules and systems, used LC-MS systems, Spectrophotometers, HP Computers & Workstation Upgrades and HPLC parts for many older HP brand analytical systems. Please Check our most recent Inventory Listing.

The proprietary products of Chiralizer™ Services have been designed to automate common procedures used in HPLC and LC-MS analyses. Chiralizer™ Services developed the very popular LC SPIDERLING Automated Column Selection System - now used by most of the world's major pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental companies to achieve greater efficiencies in both sample screening, throughput and in the development of new chromatography methods.

The company's name is derived from the first application of the LC SPIDERLING™ in the form of an  intelligent, automated method development device for chiral HPLC separations. The original "Chiralizer™", as it was known, (Short for automated chiral analyzer) was used to screen racemic samples against a number of proven commercial chiral columns. Within six months, it enabled the elimination of a backlog of over 600 chiral compounds waiting for separation methods. To date, over 10,000 unique chiral methods have been developed using the product for chiral analysis in our laboratory alone.

Because it could automate the method development and analysis process for most non-chiral (achiral) as well as chiral samples, the Chiralizer's name was changed to the "LC SPIDERLING™" (it's  plumbing resembles a spiders body and legs), and it became the first in a growing series of proprietary automation & control devices offered to chemist's.

Chiralizer™ Services can help make your laboratory more efficient and productive. Many of Our Clients have already discovered what we can do for them. Shouldn't you ?

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