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A few of our more popular analytical HPLC products are listed below. Additionally, we can also design just about any type of specialized automated valving system for your application. *CLICK ON PRODUCT NAME(S) AT RIGHT for more info.

blueball.gif (152 bytes)   The LC SPIDERLING™ LINE of AUTOMATED HPLC COLUMN SELECTION SYSTEMS. Automate HPLC column selection with Agilent Technologies (HP) or other manufacturers HPLC and LC-MS systems to speed up the method development process. Stackable integrated modules allow automated column selection of up to NINE columns plus one By-Pass line. Optional forced air heating and cooling for ALL columns (with LC SPIDERLING DELUXE), RS-232 serial control of column selection or fully integrated ChemStation software control interfaces available. 345 Bar std pressure or optional 600 and 1,000 Bar versions available. Great for Automated CHIRAL HPLC Method Development Screening Applications !  *UHPLC Versions available! LC SPIDERLING™



blueball.gif (152 bytes)   The Column Swapper™. Reduce analysis time by simultaneously analyzing a sample on one column while a second identical column is flushed and equilibrated off-line. Cuts analysis time in half !


blueball.gif (152 bytes)   The Column Swapper II™. Automate sample clean-up to remove plasma and proteins from samples prior to introduction into a Column or Mass Spec. detector. CS3010-2
blueball.gif (152 bytes)   LC x LC, Fully Automated Multi-Dimensional HPLC Column Switching System. Allows you to perform sample clean-up, heart cutting, fractionation and backflushing on-line with up to two columns. The best 2-D HPLC tool on the market. CS3020

blueball.gif (152 bytes)   The LC Sample Peak Recycler. Obtain excellent baseline resolutions from partially resolved peaks by automatically recycling your sample as many times as needed on the column w/o re-injecting.


blueball.gif (152 bytes)   Column Organizing Shelf Module. It is perfectly sized to fit into an 1100 or 1200-Series instrument stack. Saves valuable bench-top space by positioning your LC Spiderling™ Series-II, Column Swapper™, LC Sample Peak Recycler™ or other valve unit within the instrument stack. Decrease Delay Volume, Increase Convenience.


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