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Advanced Multi-dimensional 2D HPLC Column Switching System™ module (PHOTO) will allow you to automatically divert samples from one HPLC column to a second column. Additionally, the model CS3020 allows you to backflush either column to remove undesired samples; place any column in-line or in by-pass position. You will have full control over the flow path. This is not possible using other companies inferior 10-port valve products. Ultra low volume, high pressure valves used. No other system on the market offers such a product in an easy to use stand-alone module. Works with any HPLC manufacturer's system and can be easily automated using simple timed controlled, contact closures. Very easy to install and operate. Optional semi-prep, prep and UHPLC versions.

blueball.gif (152 bytes)    ADVANCED IN-LINE MULTI-DIMENSIONAL HPLC LC - LC SYSTEM MODULE : Instrument allows sample Heart Cutting, Fractionation, Purification, Enrichment as well as selection of any of the following flow paths :

  • Column #1 Only,
  • Column #2 Only,
  • Column #1 & 2,
  • No Columns,
  • Backflush Column #1,
  • Backflush Column #2 or
  • Backflush Columns #1 & 2.

Great system for sample clean-up (Plasma or Protein) or complex 2D, LC x LC method development (or LC x LC x LC). The system can be used as both a push button stand-alone unit or as a fully automated electrically actuated version controlled through your LC system's software (most any brand system can control it through contact closures). To minimize delay volume each individual valve (includes a mounting bracket) is supplied on a three foot cable so that you may attach each one as close as possible to your columns, autosampler and pump.  A special custom version is also available for users of Agilent or Hewlett-Packard brand 1050, 1090, 1100 or 1200-Series HPLC systems equipped with Agilent Technologies ChemStation software as is an optional stackable shelf module. Note: Columns and HPLC system are not included.

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NEW LOWER Price $ 5,250 (US $) * Prices noted are subject to change. Please request a quotation.

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